Gas Powered Spray Foam Rigs

Gas Powered Spray Foam Rigs


Paratus Supply’s Gas Powered Spray Foam Rigs are perfect for a Spray Foam Contractor that is looking to get into the Residential and small commercial Spray Foam Insulation business. These Spray Foam Trailers are intended for primarily stud cavity insulation jobs.

Like the Shore powered Spray Foam Rigs the Trailer foot print can be kept on the smaller side and offers a lower initial investment in a turnkey spray foam trailer package.

Because there is a generator these rigs will not require someone to hook into the jobsite power. A Spray Foam applicator can pull up to the jobsite and start the generator turn on the compressor and the Graco Reactor E-20 and begin the day. This is a safer and more logistically smart option.

Because gas generators offer a limit of 18 KW our only two options for the Graco Spray foam machines are the E-20 and the E-XP1. This is why the Gas Powered Rig is mainly for residential and smaller commercial applications. These Rigs can handle up to 210 feet of Spray Foam Hose.

The Gas Powered Spray Foam Rigs Start in the Mid $40,000 Range.


Benefits of a Gas Powered Rig:

  • Lower Start-Up Cost
  • Turn-Key/ On-board Power
  • Smaller Compact Trailer Platform
  • Can be built on a 12 Ft., 16 Ft., 20 Ft., or 30 Ft. Trailer Platform.
  • Great for Stud Cavity Insulation Applications